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I Wanna Be Your Man

Kai (Band)

It's a quarter passed three
And Baby you're still not here
We've got a lot of things to talk about
We gotta make everything real clear
'Cause Girl I'm so confused
Baby tell me what are we to do
Let's take some time to collect our thoughts
Because we both deserve the truth

Was this all my fault
Or is all the blame on you
Where did it all go wrong
Baby please tell me what to do
I thought our love would never end
How did we let us get this way
Can we just love again, again

Baby, let's help us out
Try to erase the doubts
And again let's try and understand
Or we may just might to need to make things right
I gotta know where our love stands
If only I could hear you say
That you will change your ways
Please show me girl, but if you can't
Then I'll just forget about yesturday
But God knows I wanna be your man

Now that you're here
Now that we're together face to face
If you think I'm gonna start a fight
Now Baby that's just not the case
Well it might help if I knew
Your thoughts, my point of view
We took for granted what we cherished most
The three words that meant so much to me and you


Tell me Baby should we try and make things right
Tell me Baby should we try to make things right


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