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Can't Come Back


A funny thing happened to me
Just the other day
A girl came my way
She called your name
She said some things
I thought it was just some hearsay
But then she showed me
A picture or two
Of her with some dude
In positions that weren't cool
And then I looked again
And I saw that this dude was you
My first reaction was to snap on her
But what good would that do
You know that I have better things
Than fighting over you
So many times it seems that I
Refused to see the truth
But this time you know that I am through

So just walk right out the door
Cause you can't come back here no more
You know we've been through this before
So you can't come back
You're in and out of my life
This time was your last try
You made your bed so there you lie
No you can't come back

[verse 2]
The last time you deceived me
You said give you one more chance
You blamed it on your weaknesses of just being a man
I was the fool to believe in you
Put my heart in your hands
I should have known when you did me wrong
You'd just do it again
Please just leave
No convincing me
You will ever be
The man for me
I'm so sick and tired of hearing lies from you
So pack your bags cause I am through


Did everything to please you
But still that wasn't enough
Gave you my heart and soul
Total control
All I wanted was your love
See now time after time
I kept taking you back
Endless tears I spent on you
And I'm tired of forgiving
So goodbye good riddens
It's time for me to start living

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Compuesta por: Kandi Burruss / Kevin She'kspere Briggs. ¿Los datos están equivocados? Avísanos.


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