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She Made Me Love You More

Kane Christian

She Was All Lips and Eyes
Touching Me
Now You Say You Realise You Can't Trust Me
You're Mad,you're Hurt
Baby,i Don't Blame You
I Can't Resist a Flirt
Even When I Am to
Don't Be Upset
Baby,please Don't Fret

She Made Me Love You More
I Forgot Her the Minute
She Walked Out the Door
You Wanna Know What She Did to Me
She Made Me Love You More
She Made Me Love You More

She Was All Hips and Thighs
Lusting Me
I'll Make no Alibis,honestly
Deep in My Heart You're the Only One
You Say You've Thorn Apart By What I Have Done
I Learned a Lot
Believe It Or Not


She Was Fake Where You Are Real
I Learned a Lot About the Way I Feel
Don't Wanna Lose You Over Something Like This
Baby Forgive Me

Chorus 3x

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