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Miracles Out Of Nowhere


On a crystal morning
I can see the dewdrops falling
Down from a gleaming heaven
I can hear the voices call

When you comin' home now, son
The World is not for you
Tell me what's you point of view

Hey there Mister Madman
Wat'cha know that I don't know
Tell me some crazy stories
Let me know who runs this show

Glassy-eyed and laughing
He turns and walks away
Tell me what made you that way

Here I am just waiting for a sign
Asking questions, learning all the time
It's always here, it's always there
It's just love, and miracles out of nowhere

Tell me now dear Mother
What's it like to be so old
Children grown and leavin'
Seems the world is growin' cold
And though your body's ailin' you
Your mind is just like new
Tell me where you're goin' to

It's so simple right before your eyes
If you'll look through this disguise
It's always here, it's always there
It's just love and miracles out of nowhere

I sang this song a hundred
Maybe a thousand years ago
No one ever listens
I just play and then I go
Off into the sunset
Like the western heroes do
Tell me what you're gonna do

Here I am, I'm sure to see a sign
All my life I knew that it was mine
It's always here, it's always there
It's just love and miracles out of nowhere

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