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Chakras (feat. The-Dream)

Kanye West

Hatin' on me now
Stop hatin' on me now

I'm the team's ayatollah
Ultrabeam out there solo
Oh these niggas dumb dumb
I didn't claim ya for the culture
Tryna keep my composure
(Nothing but models in here, nothing but dollars in here)
When I scream at the chauffeur
(Nothing but dollars in here, nothing but scholars in here)
I ain't mean, I'm just focused
I ain't mean, bitch I'm focused
Playin' king like it's poker (King like it's)
But you ain't dealin' with the Joker (You ain't with him)
Global warmin' gettin' closer (closer)
Thank God I'm bipolar
Whole life on the floater (hold on the floater)
Don't need rings or the trophies (only rings)
Glasses bangin' from the toasts, yeah (from the toast)
Have a drink for the coldest (drink for the coldest)
Pour the lean out slower (lean out slower)
Got us clean out of soda (clean out)
Before the flood niggas judged
They did the same thing to Noah (God)
Everybody need Yandhi (they ain't need the culture)
My cousin's mad at my auntie (mad at my auntie)
You bought a crib out the country (mad at me)
You tryna Mitsubishi Galant me?
Yeah, this the one and only
You can't tell a unicorn from a pony
Live freedom, this is freedom
Fuck your feelings, you could keep 'em
Show your grin when you greet 'em
My nigga, kneel when you meet 'em
Know God when you see him
Love God, you gon' need him
Don't you love God, won't you hug God
This is God in the flesh
Come and touch God, give a blow job
Kanye gave up the West
Kanye to Yeezy (Yeezy)
Maybe just Ye (yeah, yeah, yeah)
Fuck a slave name (fuck a slave name)
Fuck a slave name (fuck a slave name)
Copped the whole game for four hundred years
The prophecy 2019
Them niggas is wrong, those niggas is wrong
Them niggas ain't woke like me
Hop off the boat like me
Y'all don't want smoke like me
Y'all supposed to be mad at them
Y'all ain't supposed to fight me

Nothing but models in here
Nothing but dollars in here (Yeezy)
Nothing but dollars in here (Yeezy)
Nothing but scholars in here (Yeezy)
Nothing but greed and envy causing the energy
So somebody tell me why

Number one spot, you been cheatin' on me
Niggas get you and be thinkin' they me
You could be you but you never be me
You never be me
Yeah, yeah, yeah
The universe is on our side
If you woke, then wake up nigga
Stomp, stomp, we make up nigga
Stop killing and make up nigga
That's the shit that shake up niggas
[?] sound like a K-pop nigga
God's something they can't front nigga
Stab your back, they can't front nigga
Drop us off where we want nigga
Ain't no wantin', we need it, huh
We must have, we ain't greedy, huh
Stomp, stomp, they been needy, huh
Told the money: They ain't see me, huh
We ain't the product, we are the juice
We going wild, we staying loose
Home for the Zeus, we got the proof (Yeezy, Yeezy)
(Yeezy, Yeezy)
Niggas is wrong, fuck what they do
We in the streets (Yeezy), we goin' through (Yeezy)
We like the we (Yeezy), y'all niggas you (Yeezy)
Hold up for you (Yeezy), you, you, you, you (Yeezy)

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