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Bring Back Superman


The eggs you threw with eyes of dew and fall
your talk of loom your tits in bloom and all
sensational, imperial!

the compromises you would never make-me please a man again
the door would slam and I be damned
to know that I had lost my head
and you the most sensational and rational
of all the muses who have tried to change the hardly changeable

don't you know there is no other one?
take a bite of every shit to come
and I sure will bite it, too...
swallow all the good in you

I couldn't keep my fingers off the phone
I ruined your sleep and happy time alone
I had to tell my personal hell
my traffic light refused to shine and daddy fell back in thewine

bring back the superman in me
(clark Kent is such a nervous wreck)
bring back the superman in me

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