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Heart Set to Divide


In times of surrender
I am shedding my scars
I was sick
But I was set for the stars
The robe wasn't mine
But I wore it still
In the sunset of age
On the weight of my limbs

Closed was the door to my past perception
And my disposition
Had then been changed
I opened my mind to all the love forsaken
You saw my white flag
You saw our shadows merge

Through tides of repentance
My words led to deed
In their wake
See how I sway
Eyes fixed on the horizon
Bleak as it seems
I let the words relapse
And return to a dream

Then glide into the night
All my memories unbroken
I let the raptors circle me
To become their only prey

I see the beast laying waste
I see his wings keep unfolding
His name strewn across the sky
And reflected on the world
This is my elegy for love
Their covenant
Gold for our blood

Came to stay in exile
Transmigration at a halt
I could not cross
I had no choice but to make peace
Reach higher ground
Every breath now without a sound
Every breath now without a sound

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