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These are the words that you won't find
This closure is not what you had in mind
Commemorate and relive the harm
The treason

Lest we forgive what did bring us here
This closure is not what you had in mind
I try to remember you as it was

Ghost of different shades
Cold day up ahead
I glide away into the dark
Two hours till morning's due
And I wait here for you

To see you rise like the tide
Graced and admired
I fall away across the dark
It will inspire

Fell inside
Touched upon deadened virtue
Made it burn through weights of courage
Conformed to all those already hidden
Their crystal ground

Steel made wall
See the barrier stand tall
Ascend through the air and find
A heart yet undefined

Source of withering code
Of dust, of deceit
Can't proceed without a guide
Intuition abandoned you
I'm clouding the view

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