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You wait by the river
Days are long and melt right into nothing
You wait for my eyes
And who else is waiting for the summer sky

Your still voice drives me further under now
No tomb or blessing
Buried in the poisoned ground

To have the beast untied
The coming of my ruin
Age tears the spine
And the devil inside
Comes back to escort me

I burn
This fever drives me
Straight into your arms again
Drop your withered pride
Come back and forgive me

Freezing in the blue light
Hid my plan under a blanket of dust
The pressure of the years
Delivers me back into your grip
I am pledging my love to you
Still waiting

Breathing under siege
Oppressed by the dreams I have to feed
Crushed by the flood
I won't let you go
Born unwise
Seeking trust in a broken creed
Crushed by the grey
I'm waiting for colour

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