Here I am waiting
Where is my beloved

I've searched for you
Now that I've found you
Calm the desire of my heart

Sealed forever to you
Sweetheart you are so precious
I pledge my love to you alone

I desire you (desire)
True to you alone (alone)
With you joy will ever be mine

You're mine (you're mine)
Oh, my lei (Oh, lei)
You`re mine, my lei

Fond remembrance of the one who came
My fragrant lei
Drenched in the rain

Listen you, my heart's desire
To the thought within me
Open the heaven within my body

My flower, my fragrant lei
I will string and bind
Like the fragrant jasmine flower

You are my blossom (you, my blossom)
My lei of lehua (lehua)

My desire is always to be with and close
To my love

My lei (my lei)
You're mine
My lei, you're mine

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