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In this grey grey world where nobody sings
I saw the face of a human doll
Her eyes were glass and her hair was gold
From her sweet soft lips you could hear that song go

Nanana nana nanana nana nanana nana nana nana 2x

In a place where hell is around the corner
I touched her hand it was baby sweet
She kissed me there I could feel the song going down my throat
She was singing to me


My daddy said if you wanna live you'd better not touched it's nota toy
The truth is boy I'm a bloody fool I left the one that I lovedbehind singing


Tell me what it is that brings me back to you
Tell me what it is I can't stop loving you 2x

So take me back to the land of yours where the black swan lovesthe one I lost
My generation sings with the radio on
The melody of the human doll


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