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Say That You Love Me

The Kelly Family

Oh my baby if I could only evoke the love
My heart yearns for like the desert longing for the rain
Sometimes my baby when I feel lonely and I cry
Oh I laid myself down to close my eyes
And wish that you were here

Say that you love me
Say that you need me
Say that you want me all the way
Say that you love me all the way

Why my baby was I made to need so much
When there's so little out there
To grasp on to and wipe the tears away
Oh babe believe me
It's an endless longing for one's love
Why do I dream for so much
When I know
It all just can't be had


Oh darling
You and I know that I'm strong
But with you I'm only stronger
So make me help please


Oh my baby where am I going to find
The answer
Can it be
The answer's not for me

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