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Rock´N Roll Stole My Soul

The Kelly Family

Tom had a job in a town outside the city
was working very hard
Life was lookin´very pretty
nothing going wrong
with the rockabilly Song
that the radio was playing

But then came around
the Rock´n Roll beggining
Tom left the Town and got
into the singin´
nothing was the same since
he read a book
saying "Wheels are freedom"

Rock´n Roll stole my soul
Rochin´down the River like a rolling stone
Rock´n Roll stole my soul
Rockin´down the river like a rolling stone

Tom had a band and made
a good ´a´ livin´
toured all the land
his dreams had been fulfilling
was bringing in some cash
but spend it all on hash
that´s when his life began to bend

Times were looking bad
he was lying in a clinic
he lost all he had
the world was looking cynic
his innocence was gone
but it didn´t take him long
Now he´s singin´
on the street
the song of his defeat


The Musical fruit
The more you eat
The more you toot
The more you toot
The better you feel
So let´s have beans for every meal


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