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Sherane a.k.a Master Splinter’s Daughter

Kendrick Lamar

Lord God
I come to you a sinner
And I humbly repent for my sins
I believe that Jesus is lord
I believe that you raised him from the dead
I will ask that Jesus will come to my life
And be my lord and savior
I receive Jesus to take control of my life
And that I may live for him from this day forth
Thank you lord Jesus for saving me with your precious blood
In Jesus name, amen

I met her at this house party on el segundo and central
She had the credentials of strippers in atlanta
Ass came with a hump from the jump she was a camel
I want to ride like arabians, push an '04 Mercedes-Benz
Hello my name is Kendrick -, she said - no, you're handsome
Whispered in my ear, disappeared then found her dancing
Ciara had played in the background
The parade music we made had us all wearing shades now (cool)
Where you stay? - she said - down the street from dominguez high
Okay, I know that's borderline compton or paramount
Well is it Compton?
No -, she replied and quickly start batting her eyes and
I strictly had wanted her thighs around me
Seventeen, with nothing but pussy stuck on my mental
My motive was rather sinful
What you trying to get into?
She didn't tell, just gave me her nextel
Dropped the number, we chirped the whole summer and well

The summer had passed and now I'm liking her
Conversation we having probably enticing her
Who could imagine, maybe my actions would end up wifing her
Love or lust, regardless we'll fuck cause the trife in us
It's deep rooted, the music of being young and dumb
Its never muted, in fact it's much louder where I'm from
We know a lot 'bout each other, her mother was a crack addict
She live with her granny and her younger two brothers
Her favorite cousin demetrius's irrepetible
Family history of gang banging - did make me skeptical
But not enough to stop me from getting a nut
I wanna come over, what's up? That's what I told her soon as this episode
Of martin go off, I'm trying to get off
I was in heat like a cactus, my tactics of being thirsty
Probably could hurt me, but fuck it I got some heart
Grab my momma's keys, hopped in the car, then oh boy

So now I'm down rosecrans in a caravan
Passing alameda, my gas meter in need of a pump
I got enough to get me through the traffic jam
At least I hope cause my pockets broke as a promise man
I'm thinking bout that sex, thinking bout her thighs
Or maybe kissing on her neck, or maybe what positions next
Sent a picture of her titties blowing up my texts
I looked at 'em and almost ran my front bumper into corvette
Enthused by the touch of a woman, she's a masseuse
And I'm a professional porn star when off the goose
I had a fifth in the trunk like curtis jackson for ransom
I'm hoping to get her loose like an uncle luke anthem
I'm two blocks away, 250 feet
And six steps from where she stay, she waving me 'cross the street
I pulled up a smile on my face, and then I see
Two niggas, two black hoodies, I froze as my phone rang

Please leave your message for 323-
Record your message after the tone
Kendrick. Where you at? Damn, I'm sittin' here waitin' on my van
You told me you was gon' be back in fiffteen minutes!
I gotta go to the county buildin, man
These kids ready to eat! I’m ready to eat, shit
I gotta get them food stamps, come on now
You on you way or what?
I hope you ain’t out there messin' with them damn hood-rats out there, shit
Especially that crazy-ass girl Sherane
Plus you got school tomorrow
You keep fuckin' around in them streets, you ain’t gon' pass to the next grade, 11th grade
(Is that Kendrick on the phone?)
Yo daddy hollerin' 'bout some damn dominoes
He want to holler at you too, gon' 'head Kenny, gon', shit!
(Hello? Yeah, where my motherfuckin' dominoes at?)
You on his voicemail! Damn fool
(K, where my motherfuckin' dominoes at?
This the second time I ask you to bring my fuckin' Dominoes!)
Kenny give me the dam phone, shit. Don’t hang up! Damn!
(He losing my damn dominoes)
Just let me- Kendrick! When you get this message, man
Call me back. I need to know when you gon' bring back my damn car
This man fussin' 'bout some damn Dominoes
It ain’t all that serious. Fuck, damn dominoes
Shit I'mma miss my damn appointment! Fuck!
Fuck them damn dominoes, nobody wanna hear that
(Nobody want to hear yo' ass!
Mattafact, cut my motherfuckin' oldies back on
You killin' my motherfuckin' vibe

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Compuesta por: Christopher John Whitacre / Justin Keith Henderson / Kendrick Lamar. ¿Los datos están equivocados? Avísanos.
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