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I Got One For Ya

Kid Rock

Lit up like the 4th
I'm a happy drunk
come to poppa big momma
cuz your daddy's drunk
I want to pump pump it up
like the Goodyear blimp
make ya holler for a dollar
that's the way I pimp
gold links and minks
and shrimp dinners on the bayou
thems all the things that I ain't gonna buy you
it's like one of them freaky things
hit it once maybe every kinda week things
I got no love
I got no riches
I don't roll vogues
and I ain't got switches
I got no game
I can't reward you
but if you want a long one... baby

I got one for ya'
This is your shot
I got one for ya'
This is your shot
Uh-huh, check it

People always talkin'
what they gonna do
they must want their face
to maybe taste my shoe
I can't understand
all the push and shove
and what the fuck happened
to the peace and love?
who planted that glove?
Man I don't care
I'm too busy running fingers
through your momma's hair
I got no time
for the fakes and the phonies
the crooks and the creeps
and the cops and the cronies
am I the only one on my side?
Test my pride I bet you'd run and hide
you think I'm weak
so your looking for the kill
but there's 16 shots
in my 9 mil and

I got one for ya'
This is your shot
I got one for ya'
This is your shot

Jimmy jimmy ji a jimmy jimmy
I like that
Yeah, lay it down brother
oh well

Record companies stressin'
cause they all want hits
and yeah I'm body body
so I make 'em like this
they say "hey there boy
all we need is one song.
Shorten up that hook
we don't need it that long."
Don't wanna hear me cuss
don't wanna hear me brag
so I'm grabbing on my thingy
while I let my pants sag
Not a bit of what i've written
what I'm writin' what I'm doin'
they say they like my records
but they still boo-hooin'
my joint's always tight
my rhymes will floor ya'
hey fly you wanna hit money…

I got one for ya'- bite that ass
This is your shot-uh-huh
I got one for ya' -here it is
This is your shot-uh

We got one for ya, baby, me and Kid Rock
I got one for ya', baby
We got one for ya, baby, me and Kid Rock
I got one for ya;, baby

Gonna rock and gonna roll and gonna rock and roll
I like that

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