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A Jar Labelled Small

Killing Heidi

There's no inspiration just a pale transformation in the eyes
my worst enemy is hiding at my door and
where did your wings go?Same place as mine
Well, I can't catch her 'cause she's biting at my
ankles and our wings are gone forever, have you
got 20 cents to buy some more?

"Cause i couldn't see i could fall

By the time you read this I'll be fast asleep and
waking all the faces growing in me, haven't been
feeling human for ahile now little teeth
getting thinner and thinner every day.
Well everything around me gets bigger and bigger
Elevating me it's gone too far but I fed it 20 cents;
it was my call.

'Cause I couldn't see I could fall
I couldn't see I could fall

Is this really what you want?
Is this what you planned?
Take a look inside your head
and open up your hands.
Did you know it would turn out so bad
if you did it this way?

'Cause I couldn't see i could fall
I wouldn't see you'd go,
you'd go!

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