The devils parents rise against, done nothing but raise ourselves
Still these holy rollers judge them and sentenced them to hell.
For asking too many questions, searching high and low for truth
Well they went to the tree of knowledge.
And picked all the forbidden fruit.
Then they passed it to the people
they asked why'd you steal for us.
There's a little devil in everyone, one of God's fallen angels.

Fallen Angel (x7)
Fall, fall, fall
Rebel Rebel Rebel you might as well
Rebel Rebel Rebel were all going to hell
Rebel Rebel Rebel you might as well
Rebel Rebel Rebel this paradise is hell

August 7th Nineteen seventy nine
Slipped out the womb never gonna look behind
Teeth clenched tight on the here and now.
Reality drags me, don't get me down.
Intelligence self-inflicting tool
with a slit wrist, standing in a pool
but we're all lost, and were all confused.
I just do what I do, knowing I'll get through.


The voice of resistance, in defense of our existence
The choice of generations, weighed down by institutions
With the nerve to be reporters, in a media blitz distortion
Our ideas are dangerous, ammunition is our slogan.


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