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Don't Bring Sand To The Beach


Ha! Say what!?

I was goin' out with my girls, when he's got that in mind and asked if he could party with me,
I had to tell him politely.
I don't mean to disrespect, but I don't want ya 'round my neck.
When I'm gonna party, oh no, I have to party alone.

Don't bring sand to the beach, cuz you never know who you meet,
you might use the key, meet the one of your dreams.
Yea, u need to feel free when ya gonna party!
Don't bring sand to the beach, so u can be wild and be free, do what
ya need. Have a space and feel free, so you can get what you're looking for.

All the guys, grab a girl, right or left but give her a twirl.
Get out of your seats, and move your feet, let me see ya dance dance!
All the girls grab a man, no one wants tha see ya sad.
Here that song, is that your chance? Let me see ya dance dance!

When I got up in da club, the whole group was goin' crazy, cuz tha dj was good,
and ya know the music was bomb.
So I asked he's gotta dance, and he told me that he can't becuz, his girlfriend
decided to come along, and now he wish he'd left her at home!

Don't bring sand..

Let me see ya dance!

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