Tea time Monday night,
I was waiting passing time
Then from the hallway,
I saw Mother in her nightdown
Swaying up the stairs,up the stairs,
it seemed so unreal
I knew Grandma' had sent "THEM" again,
the invisible friends
A little later at the middle of tea
we came close to ecstasy
"THEY" were telling tales
from beyond when Grandma's rose
She opened the door,
and there was Missy
Seeing Mother in Grandmother's chair
she went into tears
Missy was screaming
"What have You done,what have You
done to My Ma'",crying louder now
"We better get rid of her,She's to
young anyway",it was Grandma' who spoke
"Bye,bye Missy,be gone forever
The beautiful fireplace
in the kitchen will do"
(solo:Andy solo:Pete)
I saw Missy struggling
in Grandma' wrinkled hands
"Oh No,let me be,
Oh No Please No Grandma' Please
Aagh Grandma' You're hurting me
Don't touch me of I'll break it,
I've got the tea pot,I'll do it anyway"
I saw liquid spreading,
the bloody tea all over the floor
Now I heard "THEIR" voices,
some kind of devil's growls
(solo:Pete solo:Andy)
"THEY" dropped "THEIR" tea cups,
Grandma' stood still
forced by invisible hands
Missy went down the stairs
As I waved her goodbye,
Missy was sobbing away
Will I ever see her again,
Bye,bye Missy,don't be afraid

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