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Abigail, I know you're in control of her brain, Abigail
And I know that you're the one that's
speaking through her, Abigail
Miriam can you hear me

I am alive inside Your Wife
Miriam's dead, I am her head

Abigail, don't You think I know what
You've done, Abigail
I'll get a priest, he will know
How to get her soul back

Oh Jonathan, this is Miriam
Our time is out
Remember the stairs, it's the only way

Abigail, nothing I can do but give in, Abigail
Follow me to the crypt
Abigail you ought to be reborn where you died Abigail
Jonathan, I agree... Yes I do

I am alive inside your wife
Miriam's dead, I am her head...soon I'll be free!

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Written by: King Diamond. Isn't this right? Let us know.