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A Mansion In Darkness

King Diamond

Riding up the alley in the rain
No lights to show the way
How could this ever be their home?
Through the darkness you could only see
A giant shadow that swells to be
A house where evil rules at night
And the shadows at the gate, they seemed to be alive
Yeah, the shadows at the gate -- alive
Everything inside was left untouched
Except for what the rats had got
And the dust of time that showed its mark
Armed with candlelight and open eyes
Through the dark they fought their way
'Til every room was lit again
And the house began to breathe, it seemed to be alive
Yeah, the house began to breathe -- alive
As the candlelight began to fade
And Jonathan said, let's go to bed
The fireplace had ceased to burn
Both were fast asleep before the dawn, dreaming, dreaming
And they did not know about the shadow
Yeah, the shadow on the wall, it really came alive
Yeah, the shadow on the wall -- Sunrise!

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Written by: Andy LaRocque / King Diamond. Isn't this right? Let us know.