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Cheesecake Truck (spoken)

King Missile

So then I got this idea
about driving a cheesecake truck,
'Cause I figured at the end of the day,
I could take some of
the leftover cheesecake home
And I love cheesecake.
So I went to the cheesecake company
And they asked me
if I could drive a truck
And I said "yes"
And they said "You're hired!"
So the next day
I got in the truck with all
the cheesecakes
And I drove about a block
and I just had to have a cheesecake
So I pulled over and opened the truck
And I got a cheesecake
And I also took another one for later
And I took one to bring home
And I took one for my friend Farm boy,
And by that time I had
Eaten one of the cheesecakes
so I took another one.
Then I figured I might as well
stop at my house
To drop off all the cheesecakes
So I take five cakes
to eat on the way
And i drive another block
and a half to my house.
Now it's lunchtime
so I eat ten cheesecakes
And a cheesecake for dessert.
I should point out by the way
That all of these cheesecakes
were very delicious.
Anyway I decided
that the only thing to do
Would be to eat all the rest
of the cheesecakes
And hide the truck somewhere
And leave town.
And I miss everybody a lot
But I'm not really sorry,
'Cause they were
very delicious cheesecakes.

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