That taste
All I ever needed
All I ever wanted
Too dumb to surrender

She shakes
Like a mornin' railway
She's checking me out
With someone on a shoulder

The lamp
Flickers in the bedroom
She must feel as awkward
Whorehouse Arizona

And I go
Stand up to a giant
Say that I'm a fighter
Too drunk to remember
Too drunk to…

My face
Lying on the pavement
Tastin something awful
I hate when that happens

She wades
In and out of sexy
She must be plum crazy
I kinda think I like her
I kinda think I do

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Written by: Caleb Followill / Jared Followill / Matthew Followill / Nathan Followill · This isn't the songwriter? Let us know.
Sent by Fernanda, Subtitled by Larissa e Ricardo
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