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Party Goes On

Kingston Wall

Yesterday was such a fine day for me to live
Yesterday everything was in my head in one* piece (peace)
I had my time to lie down and just to wonder 'round
I had my time to go into the system of sounds
and I think it over

No one* can keep this time from running out
No one* can keep this time from running out
it's meant to be wasted (tasted) the party goes on

One* day I'll finish everything that I have begun
one* day I'll explain, Oh yes, and you will
understand (stand under ?)
work now and rest later, rest now and work later on?
one* day is someday but now I will have to go on
before it's over

"Life is a party isn't it my friend
or what do you think?
Are we here just fooling each other or
are we giving good entertainment for each other
what do you think ?

It's a big, big, big adventure and it's getting to be so
groovy, just lay it all out.
It's all there you know, it's hiding inside of you and if
you are keeping it hidden there...or what do you think

And we're all in it together so don't spoil it with your
stupid atmosphere..
and you're the only one* to blame you know
.. or what do you think .... or do you stink?"

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