I was so frightened
I almost ran away
I didn't know that I could do
Anything I needed to
And then a bolt of lightning
Hit me on my head
Then I began to see
I just needed to believe in me

Now I, I believe in me
And I, I believe in something more
Than you can understand
Yes, I believe in me

They said I didn't stand a chance
I wouldn't win no way
But I've got news for you
There's nothing I can't do
Ain't no pretending
Ain't no make believe
But I've got to be the one
I gotta do what must be done

I believe in me
Yes, I believe in me, yeah

I don't need no money
I don't need no fame, no
I just need to believe in me
And I know most definitely
Don't need to get wasted
It only holds me down
I just need a will of my own
And the balls to stand alone

I believe in me
Yes, I believe in me - yeah

Well do you really
Yes, I believe in me
Do you do you
Yes, I believe in me
I wanna rock 'n roll
Yes, I believe in me!

Morpheus, you have been summoned here to offer your judgement ofthe boy
Do you still deem him worthy of the Fellowship?

I certainly do, my lord
As a matter of fact, I, I think you'regonna like this one
He's got the light in his eyes and the look of a
Champion, a real champion

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