See the rainbow by that grove of trees?
Has it not appeared quite suddenly?
Look there, up in the sky
Can you still pretend to deny
It's a little bit strange
How the stars rearrange
Everytime we wander here
It's always the same
Now isn't it strange?

A lilting song floats upon the air
Whenever the wind whispers through your hair
And with one great big beautiful smile
You bring out the sun for a while
Wouldn't you consider it odd
When the whole world starts to throb
Everytime I hold you here
Near to my heart
Now isn't that odd?

Around and around and around ring-a-rose
Let's make believe it's a merry-go-round
We so
I'm as dizzy as a top
I'm a-tumblin' down
And what's more fun than a fumbling clown
Dancing through the green grass
With your hands in the air
Touching the sky up there

Oooh, why does everything you touch
Feel so fresh and new?
How is it spring seems to follow you?
'Cause where your feet have touched the ground
The meadows with flowers abound
Nothing could be quite so wild
As skipping through them like a child
Everytime I'm here with you
Everytime I'm here with you
Everytime you bring me to Tokeymore Field
To Tokeymore Field

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