I've Got a Million Dollars Worth
Of Insurance
Yeah, a Million Dollars Worth
If It All Burns Down
I Can Get It All Back
All Back
Plus a Brand New Cadillac
That's Right
Roll It Mama

I Can Live Careless
I Can Live Careless and Reckless
Because I'm So Well Protected
Why, Even the Fuzz Say
Capitalist Pigs Like Myself
Are a Pain
No More Heads Left to Beat In
No One Else Left to Blame
No One Else
Left to Blame

Fallen World
Fallen Mind
Fallen Teeth
Fallen Blind
To a World Just Like Ours
To a World Not As Small
As the One We Devouredshowered With Gifts

Covered By a Million Baby
Covered By a Million
Covered By a Million Baby
Covered By a Million
Covered By a Million

So What Was It Worth?
Was I Ready For This?
Did I Think Hell On Earth
Earned Eternal Bliss
When Every Embrace
Was a Judas Kiss?
What Does It Mean?
If I Lived Dirty
Why Would I Want to Die Clean?

I'm Insatiable
I Can Never Be Satisfied
Any Pleasure That Can Be Amplified
Will Soon Be Nullified
I'm An Animal
With a Back-breaking Tendency
To Break My Back
So That I Don't Have to Break My Back
Like An Animal
I'm An Angel With a Large Capacity For Beer
(I Think C.s. Lewis Said That)
Somebody Call the Theologians
Because I Can't Get Enough
I Can't Get Enough
Please Give Me More
So I Can't Get Enough

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