Its another firey afternoon (so hot, so hot)
Hotter than the month of June
So we should go beach now (cool down)
cool down where the waters right
Lets grab our boards and run, run, run, run
Run to the nearest shore
School pau, lets go now
And hele out the door

The waves is on fire, the day is getting hot
this is my desire, the one to hit the spot
Cool down

The waters looking nice and blue (so blue, so blue)
Bluer than the clearest sky
And the waves are fire'en getting higher and
better even as we speak

Don't you melt the sun, sun, sun, sun,
Sun is hotter than ever before
So lets ride, ride
Surf and ride some more


All you divers well go and get your gear
And all you riders well now surf with no more fear
'Cause it's a hot day, everybody
shoulda go, shoulda go, shoulda go and cool off yeah

All you paddlers well a go and get your crew
And everybody else you know what to do
Go grab your Ohana its so nice outside
We're living in Hawaii with Aloha and pride yeah


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