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At first it was clear it was easy to see
'Till you cursed and reversed
And you turned it on me
Like a book, like a cover, you were easy to read
Like clock, like a mother, you were curiously free
Starring in a movie that was all about me
You're the twist in the ending of the faraway tree
Everybody in the castle is fast asleep
Wake up, stupid beauty no time to be weak

You take chances with me [4x]
Take your last liberty

Underneath the covers that you wear on your sleeve
Is a time and place, everything that you leave
Trying to be clever isn't pretty for me
Suffocating love, give me room to breathe
Stuck in a movie that is all about me
Living in fiction and escaping a dream
I thought you'd said you'd never had the measure of
Get up it's time to leave

You take chances with me [4x]
Take your last liberty

(Who's fault is it now?)

You take chances with me [2x]

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