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Blaze Of Glory

Kottonmouth Kings

Gunna go out in a blaze of glory,
Goin' against the grain
Everybodys got a different story,
Ours just stays the same

Gunna go out in a blaze of glory,
The world goes up in flames
Gunna go out in a blaze glory,
Doin' things our way

It all started back when I was a kid,
And I moved on the Makenzie where my grandmother lived,
Fastfoward ten years and a couple acid trips,
Now we in front on Locs house in Makenzie, Gettin' Lit
It was me, Daddy X, the dad, Scotty and Will
Takin rips out of chalice in my automobile
74 V-Dub, ya'll know the deal
Fastfoward ten more Kottonmouths foreal
Playin sold out shows, and rockin festivals,
You need a passport to go half of the places we go
Some many people acting fucked,
They used to call us crazy
But when in comes to the kings,
We gunna go out blazin'


I'm goin out like a viking,
On a quest striking
Like lightning,
Until they lay my soul to rest,
Gladiator, swingin' on them haters
Don't bring a prize of [? ]

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