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Bandits Of Baverly Hills

Kris Kristofferson

She knew the moment their eyes came together they'd never need to explain
He was a bandit behind his behavior she was precisely the same
Laughing and dancing those gay cabralleros they looked so wild and so free
She likes him a little light on the loafers but bless his heart so does he
And he covers for her and she covers for him if it's wild and they want to they will
But the dangers are real and the chances are slim
And there ain't nothing cheap but the thrill in the badlands of Beverly Hills
[ guitar ]
He had a mustache that made him look macho and she wore a mole on her cheek
Makin' the run around Rodeo Avenue dancing boutique to boutique
And the truth is a question with too many answers and so hard to face on your own
Beauty is only as deep as the skin ugly goes clear to the bone
And he covers for her...

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