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K's Choice

I woke up between dawn and night,
thought I heard the voice of mommy.
Sound as if my parents had a fight,
so I woke up my brother lying next to me.

I wonder why she's making all that noise,
better go and check it out.
So without trying to breathe only the sound of little feet
we were about to discover what that noise was all about.

And as we opened up the door,
we saw them lying on the kitchen floor.
We were grateful for they both did their best,
but we said: 'Hey, ther must be an easier way to makebreakfast.'

They both got up real fast
as if they were caught (or something)
And then we understood at last
it was a surprise breakfast they were planning.

Mommy stumbled: 'Later, kids, you'll understand.'
While daddy was busy putting on his pants.
We said: 'We already do, don't worry we'll do the rest.'
So far for our quest, we made coffee, boiled eggs.
We made them breakfast.

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