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Don't Stop (Snoop Doog feat. Kurupt, War Zone, Goldie Loc, Kam, MC Eiht)


[intro: snoop]
You in the war zone
Ha ha, yeah, uhh.. thx, uh, uh
I wanna go universal one time man
I wanna talk to the whole world man
Cause, cause i know niggaz
I know niggaz feel this shit man, e'rywhere man
Don't matter where you at you gotta feel this cuz

[chorus: snoop dogg]
If you see the police - don't stop!
You got your heat on the seat - don't stop!
My nigga ball 'til you fall - don't stop!
And break a bitch like a law - don't stop!
My nigga get yo' cash - don't stop!
Oh, you keep the stash in the dash? don't stop!
Oh, you like to scrape and crawl? don't stop!
Well, we do it with no breaks at all - don't stop!

Yeah, okay, yeah - don't stop, don't quit
You don't wanna get dropped? don't pop no shit
I'm tellin niggaz now, off top, real spit
Like it or not, we who you got to deal wit

[mc eiht]
Geah - we at your service
You in the war zone now so don't be nervous
... and it don't stop
Everybody drop shit bottom to the top

[goldie loc]
Uhh, they want me to stop cause i been goin hard on them lately
And i feel raising my right hand sayin, "motherfucker don't make me
Slap ya ass for not bringin back the cash
Now do it with no breaks trick and get it real fast"

One of you niggaz gon' feel these bullets
Six cannons, loaded, cock and pull it
West gang, ridin out that's all we do
West gang nigga i ain't gotta explain it to you
Let's bang

[kam + (snoop)]
Yeah, if you gettin down to the sound (don't stop!)
If you gotta dump a few rounds (don't stop!)
If some punk clown flags you down (don't stop!)
If you don't come from the town (don't stop!)

[mc eiht + (snoop)]
If you tryna hang with the gang (don't stop!)
If you makin money tryna slang (don't stop!)
If the neighborhood's where you hang (don't stop!)
If bustin shots is yo' thang (don't stop!)

Look - what'chu tryna do my nigga?
E'rything you talkin 'bout i been through my nigga
I'm original, busta i'm a d.p.g.
War zone motherfucker in the midst of the streets (nigga)

[mc eiht]
Geah, you get it and go
When the boys roll past, you're lettin 'em know
Heat in the waistband, gang of tattoos
Compton, eiht don't stop for you fools

[goldie loc]
Won't stop learnt it on 'em, i gotta eat chief
Now getcha ass in my way, i'm snatchin you up by your lil' briefs
Now rock twice and do your hand like this
If you not then stop representin this gangsta shit

So we bangs the clip, the main west g spot
Compton, long beach, s.e. watts
Where niggaz is more sick, more dumb, more gone
Trick, you know where i'm from, the war zone


[snoop dogg]
Don't stop, don't stop!
Don't stop, don't stop, don't stop!

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