You got me eatin' my heart out
Eatin' it outo of your hand
The dirty mind I thought I had
It can't begin to understand
You got me putting a show on
Showin' off right before your eyes
The day you whisper take it further now
I won't be in the least surprised
Everyone when they look at me
They see a man who's in control
But behind closed doors
Next to you I'm more
You give me a different role
If they only knew the hoops you got me jumpin' through
The crazy s*** you get me to do
If they only knew
If they only knew
If they had the littlest clue
They'd probably be doin' it too
If they only knew
If they only knew
Haha, that's right, round two
I like you givin' me orders
Tellin' me the where and when
Just tell me where and when
It doesn't matter I start on top
You turn the tables on me and then I'm on the bottom again
Can we do it again?
And they say romance is dead
They wouldn't were they in my bed
I pretend I'm going to fight
Though I wanna lose it every night.

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Written by: Charlie Mason / Kyle Brylin. Isn't this right? Let us know.