She's no good for me
I know that shes
a wildflower

She's got a restlessness
a beautifulness
thing about her

But here I am again
callin her back
lettin her drive me crazy

It's like I love this pain
a little too much
love my heart all busted up
somethin bout her
it just don't work
but I can't walk away
it's like I love this pain

It's just an on again
and off again

It's a strikin match
a tank of gas

But here I am again
lightin it up
knowin that she'll just burn me


Its like I love this lie
but nothings right
and somethings wrong
Its like Im just not me
if I cant be
a sad sad song


Oh yeah
its like I love this pain
I cant walk away
oh no
its like I love this pain

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Written by: Jason Sellers / Marv Green. Isn't this right? Let us know.
Sent by Leandro. Subtitled by Dane and Maria. Revised by Dane. Did you see an error? Send us your revision.