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B Side


if you could feel your legs falling out then
you might find your strength to stand your
ground then you´d be close to them
then you´d be close to god but you
know you´re not

if you could make a fist you could punch
if you could fly your faith you could jump
born in security fear of most everything
and anyone you can be

it could have been dull kristina
we could have been sane it isn´t just death
drugs and lost love these honors leave
stains just let the freaks of failure sing over-
night songs the b side is real and it
plays on

hey kristina are you sleeping in i´m
leaving you another long message
interstate ten i lost my voice again this
game was fixed it seems that i´ve been

but your life is one zero zero one in
analog faith and even if you connect
them too little too late ´cause your life
is like a b side its odder then a the
b side is real and it plays on

on and on

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