Just old enough to be too old for me in their eyes
All of adventure and the things that spell danger
To them you weren't my kind of guy
And they'd seperate us if they'd see us talking
A walking together alone
Yours was a world they could not understand
Where a lady would never belong

You were a cowboy with so many dreams in your mind
And the future you promised me they said would never be
And I'd better leave you behind
Young and confused I could not help but wonder
That they might be tellin' me right
But my heart was aching as I watched yours breaking
The day that I told you goodbye

All day had dreamed I would be well I never became
And the castles they planned where I'd live didn't stand
They all washed away in the rain
But I've read about you it seems you found everything
They said that you'd never find
Funny how things have turned out for the lady
And the cowboy who wasn't my kind

If I could just turn back the pages and do it again
I'd do what my heart told me to I'd go with you
And I wouldn't listen to them
For now I'm alone and just there in your mansions
That I could have shared by your side
And you would have loved me and I'd have been happy
With the cowboy who wasn't my kind

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