When you wake up every morning with tears in your eyes,
thinking about your loneliness and you´re to weak to smile.

You try to find a way to forget, the things you saw.
You try to find a way to escape, from this mindless law,
The law of sadness, which no one understands
So many thoughts in your head and broken dreams in hand .

You walking alone in the streets,the rain is falling on your shoulder.
Broken feelings inside of you,like hopes they getting colder.
Hopeless starring at the sky and yearning for the moon,
mindless things are spinning around and drowned in your own doom.

So often asking yourself, is it right or is it wrong.
You want to change so many things and these desires are strong .
But every time when you close your eyes , you see these painful pictures
You try to ignore your feelings inside and thinking about your lonely life.

You sitting in your room and look into the mirror, however you can´t see yourself
It seems like a mask of lie,
You don't know what is true,don't know what you have to do

It seems you have no chance...

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