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Crawlin' Again

Tracy Lawrence

I ain't got her I ain't got a clue of what I did and didn't do
All I know is I'm wearing her number out
No explanation it didn't take long for her to go and tell me she's gone
My mama would be ashamed if she could see me now
Cause I'm back on the bottle crying out loud I need holdin' and I need it now
Someone rock me and then tuck me in
It takes a mama twenty years to make a boy a man
And another woman twenty seconds to have him crawlin' again

He made us first but he let them be in control of the shape we're in
And every woman knows why Adam worshipped Eve
From the day we're born till the day we die we're at the mercy of woman kind
And like a big ol' baby I miss her loving me
I'm back on the bottle...
[ fiddle - guitar ]
It takes a mama twenty years...
Yeah It takes a mama twenty years...
She'll have him crawlin' again

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