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Torture (A Suicide Note)

Leather Strip

Torture (A Suicide Note)
Lost Hopes
Salt Flows In My Eyes
Last Chance For Forgiveness
Last Chance To End My Life

My Life My Lies
My Secrets
My Fears Are Haunting Me
Their Shame
Their Illusion
Their Blame
Is All I See

Death Wins All My Hurt End Death Ends All the Hurting
Death Stops My Inner Cries
Why Live In A Mad World
Why Chooke On All The Lies

Taste Of Metal In My Mouth
Let Me Pull The Trigger Now

Why Live I Am Worthless
No Room For My Dispair
No Loss For The Living
No One Would Care
I Can't Change What Happened
I Won't Run Anywhere
I Search For A Safe Place
I Am Lost Everywher

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