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Deep Talk In The Shallow End

Lee Ben

R.J. Johnson/B. Lee
If you were here I'd slap you senseless
Then I'd ask you where you've been
I'd tell you don't you know I worry
Sitting up each night in fear
And then I'd tell you that I'm angry
And I'd say you did me wrong
And that I hate you 'cos you sneak into
My every single song
If you were here you'd see the damage done
And then you'd feel the shame
I'd make you understand my pain
If you were 'round I'd show you wounds and scars
The proof that you were here
And then I'd make you cry like I did
If my point still was not clear
If you were here I'd scream and
Maybe trash the room if I had time
And then one single word would break your spirit
Just the same as you broke mine
If you were here you'd realize what you did
Stay for a million years
I'd make you cry my tears
But you're not here
And I'm not strong
And this whole thing has gone on too long
I need to leave this on my shelf
But instead I say it to myself
If you were here I'd slap you senseless
If only you were here

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