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Seas Of The Stars

Legend of Galactic Heroes

No need for crying
Let out your feelings
Wide through the space
Where time just endlessly spins
Twinkling tears of night
Darkness turns to light
Sailing so free, Sailing in peace
Lay your heart down
Onto the sea of the stars

Struggling and losing
Never returning, into the dreams
Of all the planets that sleep
Rainbow colored stars
Gently taps the heart
Dreaming along, high above all
Awaken now
Upon the sea of the stars

Life is a gift from above
Still there always an end
Deep within hatred is
Beauty of love that sing

No need for crying
You won't be lonely
Whisper a prayer
To souls that endlessly live
Sparkling dusts of tears
Soon shall disappear
Trust and forgive
Universe back in peace
Rise now oh child
Upon the sea of the stars
Rise now oh child
Upon the sea of the stars

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