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Free Fall

Leigh Jones

Oooh yeah,
Ahh baby

I got a little bit to tell ya
Not a lot, so you won't freak out
I don't know what I'm suppose to do
Or what you and I are all about
One minute you go and get it
And the next you can't wait to get out
It seems like you're a little unsure

Ah baby

I tried to understand your point of view
But was I supose to feel locked up
And I'm a little bit offended
It's your thoughts that suppressed my love
I'm not yours to be convenient, and don't suppose your calling my bluff
Baby I'm not pissed, just a little tick
Don't try to hold me just answer this

Why do you need me?
Cause it doesn't seem like you want me whenever I'm around
Why did you call me?
You were busy last night, but tonight you want me to be/get/cold down
Why don't you show me?
That you care for me a lot or you just don't care at all
Right now son, I'm in the middle of a free fall

What about my hesitation
Its pretty much the same as yours
I rather pick conversation
Cause you're the one opening and shutting doors
I'm not your begging call girl
Number two or three or four
Maybe I'm a little sad, but I'm not that mad
Okay. Maybe just a tad


If you want me to be yours
You gotta take a stand a be a better man
Not a boy without regard for his girlfriend

If you want to make things good again
You gotta let me show you then I'll give you my heart

Wait a minute don't you get up in a hurry
I'm just a little frustrated
Sugar, sugar pie honey don't you worry
You see I'm not I'm just a little jaded.
Should I tell you that I love you baby
Is that suppose to make me glad that I waited
Baby I'm not pissed, just a little ticked
Before you kiss me just answer this


Why do you need me?
I'm in the middle of a free fall and I don't want to hit the ground
Why didn't you call me?
I'm in the middle of a freefall and I don't want to hear the sound
Why don't you show me?
I glad you baby, glad you drive me crazy, so don't use me like airfare
Right now sir, I'm in the middle of a free fall

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