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It's About Time


Bite my tongue
And I wont say a word against anyone
But I don't wanna get my fingers wet
Unless it's an accident
Fell out on the street
Now I'm watching my shoes
And I grit my teeth
But I don't have to look that way
If I had half a say

It's about time
It's about time
It's about time
It's about time

Lick my lips
And I wont hear the end of this
All you need's a reassurance
Buy some time and come back for it
Before long, before it's gone
Patience is like bread, I say
I ran out of that yesterday
Enough about us lets talk about me
If not about you
Its not about sunshine
Its about time
Touch my leg
Its smooth but there's stubble there
I'll fall back and let em go
Only when i know you know
I don't know
Make me sure
Have your people contact mine
And keep your lawyer on the line

It's about time...

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