My shadows thrown out over me,
ALone on my knees.
I'm going to beat my head several times
For I wanna destroy myself...
...But I know that I haven't the heart to do it.

I'm the frailest guy
Cutting blades are flying and scratch in my brain.
I open my eyes and I see the blood.
My wounds have no way to heal.

My hopes will have to wait
In order to know what shade life is...
...I hope I won't be as I've always thought about it.

I hope it keeps a tight hand on me,
I'd live walking thoughtless
But the tears dropped
Lie in the way, ready to drown me.

I look at theat wonderful landscape
Thinking of those voices I've got in my arid garden
And then I compare.

I know, I'll know everythong from that easy glance
I won't understand...

...Useless thoughts...

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