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Every Other Time

LFO (Lyte Funkie Ones)

I said lets talk about it as she walked out on me and slammed thedoor
But I just laugh about it 'cause sh'es always playin' thosegames...C'mon
Deep down I know she loves me, but she got a funny way of showin'me
how she cares (she cares)
Last night she did a doughnut on my lawn
and drove out with her finger in the air (oh yeah)

Sometimes it's black, sometimes it's white,
Sometimes she's wrong, sometimes I'm right,
Sometimes we talk about it or we figure it out,
but then she just changed her mind
Sometimes she's hot, sometimes I'm cold
Sometimes my head wants to explode,
but when I think about it, I'm so in love with her
Every other time
Yeah, every other time

Sometimes we sit around just the two of us on a park bench
Sometimes we swim around like two dolphins in the ocean of ourhearts
But then I think about the time when we broke up before the promand you told everyone that I was gay...ok
Sometimes I walk around the town for hours just to settle down
but I take you back and you kick me down
'Cause that's the way uh-huh uh-huh I like it.


Keep it up homegirl don't you quit
You know the way you scream is the ultimate
And when I walk away just watch the clock
I bet I don't even get around the block
I said let's talk about it as she walked out on me and slammedthe door
One day we'll laugh about it, 'cause we're always playin' thosegames
(na na na na na, na na n- every o- every other time...)

(na na na na)

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