Liberty X - Thinking It Over

There's this guy that's on my mind
He tells me I'm the one and calls me all the time
Should I see him, do you think he's right
Coz he's the one whose caught my eye

I tell you girl I've heard this all before
He ain't the kind of guy that you've been searching for
Look around you, see there's so much more
Coz he's the one you should ignore

Baby let me tell you how I feel
Know you've heard a lot of things, but I'm for real
I realise I have myself to blame
Forget my past I'm not the same

So why the wait, I ain't mad with you baby
Yeah but why the wait, I'm just telling you maybe
Oh so why the wait, I ain't mad you baby
I'm thinking it over...

It's been a while since I felt so sure
I've played around but I want something more
Not gonna pressure you to let me know
But give me the chance to prove you wrong

Honey I'm feeling so confused
Don't wanna play a game I know I'm gonna lose
I need some time so I can think things through
But not tonight, not with you

I can't stand the wait, I ain't mad, no
I can't stand the wait, I ain't mad, no
I can't stand the wait
I'm thinking it over

[Outro chorus]

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