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Fast Lane


Walkin' round the city streets, I look in despair
I feel my heart break at what I see
There's people locked in prision cells where no one seems to care
It's nothing but the endless tragedy

I look just how bad you feel cause you've been overthrown
By the evil one and his disguise
Trapped inside a cage your heart of fire has burned so alone
Another victim of the devil's lies

Life in the fastlane, think of where it's talking you
Life in the fastlane, face the facts, it's true
Life in the fastlane, can't you see your destiny?
Life in the fastlane, God's love will set you free

As you inject the poison in, death is getting now
And the only way seems like suicide
There's a silent scream inside your heart you think nobody hears
But God has heard, it that's why Jesus died

You say that you don't want to know because of all the lies
That you've been told so many times before
And your situation's getting worse there's no more alibis
And the Son of God is knocking at your door

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