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Thank You

Lil' Bow Wow

If you ever bought a tape
purchased a CD or a piece of vinyl
DJ my record
Promoted my record
I wanna thank ya'll man from the bottom of my heart secondly
i wanna dedicate this song to ya'll man cuz with out y'all thereis no me

I can never turn my back on ya'll cause ya'll put me where imat
So when you call I'll be there
Just like that
Signing autographs giving daps to all my folks
Telling little kids don't follow these dopes
see im going keep walking as long as ya'll walk with me
You know the website
All you gotta do is hit me
Now as much as the girls like me
You would think it'll make the fellas sick
But they be right with'em
Singing not missing a lick
Hair braided rockin' somebody's jersey
From up top to out west
To down in the dirty
Can't forget about the Midwest
that's where I was found
That's where I live
And Columbus is the town
I got the pen
You got the paper
A cd, a tape, I'll sign it the leave it and then
And get a nice big plate of fish
Which is my favorite dish
But without y'all
I couldn't kick it like this
I wanna..

I wanna thank you
For making me who I am
And putting me where I need to be
I wanna thank you
For the opportunity to do my thing in this industry
I wanna thank you
For callin' to your local station
Day after day to play my song
If it wasn't for you
There would be no me
That's why I wanna ride for you
Forever more

Ohhhh, forever more, oh ohh"
I just wanna thank ya
I wanna thank you for the groups that came before me
All of y'all in the office that promote me on the street
All the mom and pop stores
That don't get a lot of credit
The spots in the hood
The first ones to set it
All mix show DJ's please keep it pumpin'
Thank you for your support
And yes I'm gonna keep it comin'
I love how you love that
So I'm giving back
Cause y'all the ones that kept this playa on track
The reason I'm singing is because of you
The reason I'm heard and my dreams came true
Now if you ever made a poster or wrote a fan letter
All I'm tryin' to do is show you some L.O.V.E
And let you know
Without y'all there is no me, JD, JE the whole S.S.D
Now if you ride for we
Then we gon ride for you
From the bottom of my heart
Baby tell'em what I wanna do


(Ohh I wanna thank you,I wanna thank you)

I wanna thank you

To all of ya'll thats been down wit So So Def for so long
Keep showin us love
and we gon keep showin yall love
Know what I'm sayin
I wanna let you know an uh
I wanna thank you
To the man upstairs
We gotta thank you the most
You Know what I am sayin'
If it wasn't for you...

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