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Take Ya Home

Lil' Bow Wow

From the C O to across the seas
I'm guaranteed to make everybody bounce wit me
I been known to rip it down anyplace I be
You can count me, but it's only gon' be one me
I don't ride on cars, if the man can't rim it
14, I done started up a whole epidemic
Look, y'all know what I'm talkin' about
Ever since I hooked up with the homey down south
TV shows, magazine covers, girls in groups
Sayin' we goin' with each other
Sold out shows, pocket full of cake,
What you know about sellin' tres mil out the gate
See, I'm the hottest (hottest) thing around
Neck full of bling bling like the Neptunes' sound
I got it locked from the left, right, front, and rear
When I step up in the spot this is all y'all hear

(chorus) (girl)
I said lil' bow wow, you just don't know
The way you move so fast across the floor
I mean, you run through my mind like, all the time
To the point where I just wanna take you home


(so so def) Represent that

Right now how I'm old where I'm gonna be
How I flow, homey you can bet the house on me
I'm ma forever be up under the scope
I ain't tryna go out like Todd Bridges of 'Different Strokes'
See, I was born to rock, born to rhyme
What you lookin' at is somethin thats before their time
Like the number 23 in the red and black
Mr. 106 and Park is back, Holla
See, I do it like no other
And attract more family than 'Ringling Brothers'
I got 'em scattered, covered, smothered like, hash browns
See, I'm the best just ask around
Yo, I'm here now and ain't nobody takin' mine
It's a waste of time if you thinkin' you can
You better get in a shirt, and uh, makin' a sign
That reads, "SHAD MOSS" I'm your #1 fan

(chorus 2x)
(so so def) Represent that
chorus 2x)
(so so def) Represent that

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